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Bringing the Old Arboretum to Life

Large-scale plans for the Rosavilla arboretum were made 50 years ago, but those plans never saw the daylight. The situation, however, has changed...

Arboretum, a botanical garden devoted to a variety of trees, usually consist of species that are less common than the trees otherwise growing in the area.

The nature of Rosavilla is inherently old. A pine tree grows along the road leading to the property, which is estimated to be around 200 years old. That tree is protected thanks to the mother of our grandfather, Laura. The biggest birch tree we’ve ever seen grows around the corner of the barn. The main building is surrounded by enormous lindens, those too planted closer to 100 years ago.

The gorgeous oak grove planted by our grandfather at the Rosavilla cape inhabits three roes. You can even see where they sleep in the winter when the land is covered by snow.

The arboretum will be located near the oak grove.

The oak grove area was badly affected by a storm and has been given less attention due to the damages. We’ve slowly gained knowledge on the terrain, microclimate, and its habitat. We’ve also made a list of fascinating tree species and started to gather their seeds. If you have a rare species growing in your land and you would like to continue its pedigree, we are more than happy to accept seeds and seedlings to enrich the diversity of our arboretum.

We plan to move gradually and build the arboretum over the years. Within decades, there will be a gorgeous spectrum of tree species. Diverse vegetation and selection of species grow the habitat for various animals and insects.

Nature and the environment are at the core of the arboretum along with everything we do. This is also stated in the plans from 50 years ago. Those plans will be followed and adjusted as needed. The chapter we’re writing in the story of this place will reflect us and this generation of the owners of Rosavilla.

We could plan for open planting days where anyone is welcome to participate in the creation of the arboretum. You will be provided with food and a beautiful bouquet from our garden. It sounds like far in the future now, but you will get to adore the fruits of your labor in just a few decades.

How does that sound?


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