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Now booking for summer 2022!

We are now booking and taking reservations for summer 2022. Private events, celebrations, weddings, retreats, and courses are booked for the summer season from May to August.

All of our event packages are individually tailored for you. All the activities and services can be booked for groups or private sessions. Some of the following services are provided by our partners:

- Flower workshops

- Wild herb workshops

- Cooking workshops

- Cocktail workshops

- Wine tasting

- Yoga

- Sound bowl meditation

- Solution-based therapy training

- Flower bath (private sessions)

- Flower foot bath (max 18 people for a session)

- Group photos or individual portraits

- Sauna

Feel free to contact us about any activities that aren't listed that you would like to book for your group. We also welcome visiting entrepreneurs and businesses to perform their services at Rosavilla.

As for now, we can accommodate 10 people for overnight stays.

Whether you are planning a wellness retreat, wedding, baby shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, or something completely different, please get in touch with us and we'll plan the perfect event for you and your guests!


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