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Recycling, recycling, recycling...

Environmental values have guided us through all of our business decisions from the very beginning. We wanted to find a way to be ecological while keeping our visual standards high.

So far we have renovated our workshop space, restroom, two sheds, and started upgrading the sauna building. We have also expanded our selection of tableware and decor. As of the beginning of this fall, we are happy to say that 95% of all improvements are made utilizing recycled materials. This includes furniture, decor, and even building materials. Everything still turned out to meet our high standards of visuality.

Besides the environment, there is another reason why we favor recycled materials. If you are familiar with our other posts, you know know how much we enjoy the story of Little Women. History and beautiful stories are close to our hearts. The items we use were owned by someone else before us, and for all we know, they might have traveled to us from anywhere in the world. Materials like wood, metal, ceramics, and glass, are always on the top of our list. We avoid plastic as much as we can.

You'll notice how we like to sprinkle beautiful little details everywhere. Our goal is to make people amazed - we hope Rosavilla inspires you to take a closer look at your consuming habits.

Open your senses as you enter Rosavilla. Listen, look, taste, and smell. There are beautiful details everywhere! We hope you share your thoughts and ask a lot of questions, we would love to share all the stories behind this place.

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