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Four sisters and a mother - the real-life Little Women

Hey there and welcome! Glad you found us.

Rosavilla is a dream come true and we would like to introduce us, the dreamers, the sisters, the family, and the little women, behind this place.

So - we are four sisters, Sarianne, Kristiina, Eveliina, Anniina and our mother, Tiina. Rosavilla is the result of our unique passions and individual strengths. We like to call ourselves the Little Women, referring to the classic novel by Louisa Alcott. The story of the March family's four sisters and a mother inspires us with its warmth, resourcefulness, and family-centric characters amid difficult times. We want Rosavilla to be a place to implement our values, a place to build on together, and a place to leave our footprint in the story of Rosavilla.

Rosavilla's History

According to our knowledge, the place was originally built by a local pharmacist, Mannelin. The place was his villa, and our course space used to serve as his garage. The service pit is still under the hatch.

There used to be horses and other farm animals on the property, especially after the place was purchased by one Mrs. Jenssen. She raised horses and what is now our oak grove used to be her riding arena. The owner after Mrs. Jenssen was a gardener, our grandfather. He started taking care of the gardens and planted dozens, if not hundreds, of trees, bushes, roses, and other flowers. He rescued flowers and plants from gardeners going out of business. Because of our grandfather's hard work some 50 years ago, we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor every year - literally.


Our mission is to create a place that brings well-being and happiness to its visitors. Our goal is to create understanding. Everything is linked to nature - a deep nature experience is the core of everything we do. Wild herbs, old trees and forests, water elements, flower fields, birds, animals, and insects. You'll see everything as you enter the gates of Rosavilla.

Turn off your phone, take a deep breath, and nurture your body and mind. Appreciate environment, nature, the people around you, and most importantly, yourself.


We plan to diversify our operations more and more every year and bring in more elements to add to the bigger picture. Our vision is to achieve a perfect balance where we offset our carbon footprint by sustainable choices and giving back to nature. We work towards diversifying our landscape and ensuring our land is home to a wide range wildlife species.

Serenity, nature, nurture

Our flower shop Rosarium is located at Utinkatu 67, 45200 Kouvola. Our gardeners and florists bring your visions to life by creating beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements to your preferences. Since we grow part of our selection ourselves, we always welcome wishes and requests for the following season's planting varieties.

Welcome to Rosavilla, we can't wait to meet you!


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