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Welcome to the haven of beauty.

About Us

About us

Serenity, nature, nurture...

Rosavilla is a retreat center, event space, flower farm and a hidden gem in Kouvola, Finland, only 120 km from Helsinki.


The history of the area goes back more than a hundred years. The land has served as a ranch and a horse farm, a pharmacist's villa, and most recently as a summer house and an object of botanical passion for the family's rose gardener, our grandfather.   

The area consists of the main building, a large barn, wine and potato cellar, a long shoreline, an orchard, an oak grove, meadows, forests, smoke and lakeside saunas, and a large flower garden.

Get to know more about us and our family business: ​

Nature and animals

There are protected trees and animals in the area. Our long-term goal is to make Rosavilla a conservatory area for rare species.

Family business

Behind Rosavilla is a team of mother and four sisters. Our business roots back to three generations of horticulturists. 


Our decisions are guided by ecological values. Offsetting our carbon footprint is a matter of great importance for us.




Rosavilla is located on the shore of the beautiful Karhulankylä lake. Our two saunas will make you feel amazingly refreshed and relaxed.

Take a boat on the lake and admire the sunset while enjoying the warmth of a campfire.

The Oak Grove


Our grandfather planted a beautiful oak grove in our childhood.


Hundreds of oaks planted symmetrically create nature's cathedral covered by the flourishing foliage.


The orchards delight us with their stunning blossoms in the spring and abundant harvest in the fall.


Rosavilla has several buildings serving various purposes. We have already renovated some of the old buildings, and the rest of them will see some exciting upgrades in the upcoming years.​

Flower meadows

A meadow appears in front of your eyes as you enter through the gates of Rosavilla. It provides us with materials for courses, decor for events, flowers for our shop Rosarium, and not to forget, nutrition for the pollinators.


Together with our partners, we organize a variety of classes for every taste. Selection includes cooking, wild herb, and garden courses where you get to admire some of the true superfoods of Finnish nature.


Our services

Rosavilla häät
Weddings and celebrations
Rosavilla yrityksille
Rosavilla juhlat
Rosavilla Retriitit
Rosavilla kurssit
Rosavilla majoitus
Rosavilla ruoka

News and information

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Teräväniementie 24, 45100 Kouvola (Valkeala)

Tel: 040 481 7005


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